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What Is Abandonment Trauma?

Were you a child of divorce, left in foster care, or had parents who had time for everything in the world but you? If so, you might be suffering from a psychological disorder called abandonment trauma. Stemming from the fear of loneliness, abandonment trauma is a phobia that makes you believe that everyone you love […]

5 Signs of Unhealed Attachment Trauma

Did you ever feel unloved or betrayed in your childhood? Chances are that you’re suffering from unhealed attachment trauma. A person’s bond with their primary caregiver (parents or guardian) plays an integral role in shaping the foundation of their attachment style, influencing how they form connections and navigate relationships throughout their lives. Attachment trauma occurs when […]

What is Workplace Trauma?

Has there ever been any incident at your workplace that has left you traumatized? Do you feel the incident has left you so scared and conscious that you cannot focus on work and that your productivity and efficiency have been affected? You might be suffering from workplace trauma. Workplace trauma is real. Incidents like a […]

How Does Racial Trauma Affect Overall Health?

We associate the word “trauma” with terrible, life-changing events like assaults, accidents, or natural disasters. Racial trauma is about the emotional and mental harm that is linked to experiences with racism and race-based discrimination. In the United States, the high prevalence of people who experience racism subsequently results in high levels of racial trauma. But […]

Signs That Someone is Trauma Dumping On You

The lines between reaching out for help and trauma dumping are often very blurry. How do you decide when sharing becomes venting and when venting becomes trauma dumping? It’s not very easy to decide, nor is it easy to be on the receiving end.  What is Trauma Dumping? Trauma dumping, according to psychotherapist Gina Moffa, […]

Is People-Pleasing a Trauma Response?

The effects of trauma vary from person to person. Some people have more ‘obvious’ signs of trauma, like anxiety, depression, and even aggression. For others, it can manifest in less conventional ways.  Fight, flight, and freeze are generally considered to be the usual responses to trauma. But what about fawning? Is people pleasing a trauma […]

Trauma Therapy – Expectations vs. Reality

How we react to a traumatic event is influenced by our previous life experiences, phobias we are dealing with, and any anxiety or depression episodes we have been through. Everyone reacts differently to trauma. Many people resort to therapy after experiencing a traumatic event due to growing awareness about mental health. Most people expect trauma […]