Corporate Wells

Corporate Wellness Experts

We are experts in corporate wellness. We understand the ways that stress, workload, and burnout impact employees. We provide psychotherapy services to mitigate some of these stressors. In turn, employees are able to increase productivity and performance and reduce turnover intention.

Employee Assistance Programs

We partner with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to treat employees with mental health concerns. Our practice is a preferred provider for a large EAP administrator servicing employees across the nation.

Employer Training

Reach out to us for more information on employer training and consultation services. We provide an evaluation of current stressors in employees and create actionable objectives to improve mental health in the workplace. Learn how to become a mental health-informed workplace and the importance of reducing occupational stress in employees.

More information

Here you can find informational blogs on occupational stress. Keep your eye out for a publication coming out in the summer of 2023 on occupational stress in nurses.