What Is a “Situationship”?

Jul 11, 2023

Shelby Cook, LISW-S

What Is a Situationship | 11 Signs You Are in One

What Is a “Situationship”?

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Are you looking for something intimate and sexually satisfying but don’t want the commitment of a relationship? Inspired by the Friends with Benefits (FWB), Gen-Z has invented a new not-so-romantic arrangement called the situationship. It is an undefined romantic relationship that exists somewhere between a committed relationship and a casual hookup.

In simpler words, when two emotionally unavailable people come together to enjoy the perks of a relationship but don’t want to commit themselves to one another or label their arrangement, they are in a situationship. However, regardless of how well-set the boundaries are, situationships tend to get messy as one of the two individuals ends up developing an emotional connection with their partner.

What Is a Situationship?

A situationship can be defined as a sexual or romantic relationship that doesn’t have a label. While it may sound like friends with benefits, it is very different. In an FWB arrangement, the individuals engage in casual sex with pre-established boundaries. In a situationship, the individuals have a stronger connection, but there is no title, commitment, or promises. Thus, a situationship is an easy way to enjoy all the perks of dating without the added responsibility and commitment.

11 Signs You Are in a Situationship

According to a survey, 20% of Gen-Z have already been in a situationship. If you suspect being in a situationship, watch out for the following signs:

  1. Your relationship doesn’t have a label.
  2. You aren’t consistent.
  3. You feel like your arrangement is stuck on one stage.
  4. You continuously feel like you are confused or anxious.
  5. You are not a part of any social circle.
  6. You and your partner usually make last-minute plans only.
  7. The option of canceling is always there.
  8. You both are seeing other people.
  9. You have never been on an actual date.
  10. You and your partner never talk. In other words, you don’t know much about your partner’s life, likes, and dislikes.
  11. You are not part of your partner’s future.

How to Get Out of a Situationship

When the time comes to get out of a situationship, you have two options in front of you:

Break Up with Your Partner

In case things are getting out of hand or this unromantic arrangement isn’t working for you, you may need to break up with your partner. You must build the courage to stand up for yourself and tell your partner you want to end the situationship. Depending on how long you have known them, you can break up over a text, call, or in person.

Turn into a Relationship

If you have developed an emotional attachment to your partner and want something more serious, telling them how you feel is the best way to get it off your chest. Even though it may seem terrifying as you risk losing the person forever, you must be honest about how you feel for your own sake. This will save you pain and heartache in the long run.

Wrapping It Up!

A situationship is a modern-day arrangement that is less than a relationship and more than a hookup. Highly preferred by Gen Z and Millenials, a situationship saves both partners from the responsibility and pressure of a relationship, allowing them to focus on their own lives. However, you might develop feelings for your partner before you know it, which can complicate things. Thus, while a situationship may seem trendy and exciting on the surface, the confusion and emotional attachment can lead to stress and heartache.

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